Is your child cared for in a home daycare (babysitter’s home)? Is your child fed during this time?

Family Daycare Home Providers (babysitters) may be eligible to participate in the Child & Adult Care Food Program(CACFP).

What is the Child & Adult Care Food Program?

CACFP is a federally-funded program which provides monthly reimbursement checks to Day Care Home Providers for meals served to children birth to 12 years of age. Its purpose is to improve children’s health and eating habits.

What are the benefits for the Day Care Home Provider?

  • Reduced cost of food expense.
  • Training on nutrition, child development, and related areas.
  • Socialization with other Providers.
  • Possible reimbursement for food costs for the provider’s own child(ren).
  • Teens and adults with disabilities may be eligible to participate.

What are the benefits for the parents?

  • Children receive nutritious meals while remaining in a homelike environment.
  • Provider’s home must meet health and safety requirements.
  • Provider’s home must be registered as a Home Day Care.
  • If you are a Day Care Home Provider, call today for more information. If you know someone who provides home day care, tell him/her about the Child & Adult Care Food Program. After all, Day Care Home Providers give our little ones the loving and homelike environment they deserve.

For additonal information?

Call 1-800-748-1919 (Ext. 173,140) , visit your local office or email

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